March, 2001 Issue No.:370

1大方廣佛華嚴經淺釋The Flower Adornment Sutra with Commentary
2妙法蓮華經淺釋The Dharma Flower Sutra with Commentary
3大佛頂首楞嚴經淺釋The Shurangama Sutra with Commentary
4楞嚴咒疏句偈解The Shurangama Mantra #230
5佛祖道影白話解:七十二世子賢興紀禪師(續)Lives of the Patriarchs: Patriarchs of the Seventy-second Generation: Dhyana Master Zixian Xingji (continued)
6水鏡回天錄白話解:紀念馬占山將軍(續)Reflections in Water and Mirrors: Turning Back the Tide of DestinyIn Memory of General Ma Zhanshan (continued)
7勸發菩提心文An Essay of Exhortation to Bring Forth the Bodhi Resolve
8佛根地念佛法會上人開示Instructional Talks by the Venerable Master during a Buddha Recitation Session at Buddha Root Farm
9上人規矩集錦A Collection of the Venerable Master's Rules
10梵文第二十五課Sanskrit Lesson #25
11大智度論摘譯Excerpts from the Treatise on the Great Perfection of Wisdom
12上人與亨利福克斯先生談話記錄The Record of the Meeting Between Tripitaka Master Hsuan Hua and Mr. Henry W. Fox
13我對中文課的期望My Expectation for Chinese Class
14陶淵明詩講錄(續)Lectures on Tao Yuanming's Poems (continued)
15千禧年萬佛城在家菩薩戒講解 - 殺戒The Precept Against Killing
16點點滴滴憶上人Memories of the Venerable Master
17華嚴懺The Avatamsaka Repentance
18佛教徒眼中的基因工程Generic Engineering: A Buddhist Assessment
19菩提鏡:夢中預見萬佛城 - 介紹沙彌尼親澤師Bodhi Mirror: Seeing the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas in a Dream - Introducing Shramanerika Chin Je Shi
20菩提臺:皈依三寶業障消 - 介紹張果星居士Bodhi Stand: Eliminating Karmic Obstructions by Taking Refuge with the Triple Jewel - Introducing Upasaka Guo Hsing Chang
21新春開示Intructional Talk on Chinese New Year's Eve
22法總「國際研究院」計劃DRBA Begins Plans for International Institute
23星馬翻譯小組啟動了Translation Groups in Action
24四眾會議:重申聖城規矩(續)Four-fold Assembly: A Review of the Rules in the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas (continued)
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