January, 2001 Issue No.:368

1大方廣佛華嚴經淺釋The Flower Adornment Sutra with Commentary
2妙法蓮華經淺釋The Dharma Flower Sutra with Commentary
3大佛頂首楞嚴經淺釋The Shurangama Sutra with Commentary
4楞嚴咒疏句偈解The Shurangama Mantra #230
5佛祖道影白話解七十二世童求傳昱禪師 (續)Lives of the Patriarchs: Patriarchs of the Seventy-second Generation: Dhyana Master Tongqiu Chuanyu(continued)
7勸發菩提心文An Essay of Exhortation to Bring Forth the Bodhi Resolve
8佛根地念佛法會上人開示Instructional Talks by the Venerable Master during a Buddha Recitation Session at Buddha Root Farm
9上人規矩集錦A Collection of the Venerable Master's Rules
11大智度論摘譯Excerpts from the Treatise on the Great Perfection of Wisdom
13萬佛城育良小學/培德中學新聞簡報摘錄Instilling Goodness/Developing Virtue Schools Newsletter (Excerpt)
14生活新體驗--小留學生在聖城A New Experience: Studying Abroad at the Sagely City
15陶淵明詩講錄(續)Lectures on Tao Yuanming's Poems (continued)
16「佛教哲學中的經濟學」(續)Economics within a Buddhist Philosophy?(continued)
17幽冥戒:不可思議的法門 (續)Precepts for the Deceased:An Inconceivable Dharma Door (continued)
18同體名大悲Being One Substance with All Is Called Great Compassion
19北費城的世外桃源:怡樂園A Paradise in North Philadelphia:The Village of Arts and Humanities
20生命急轉彎What A Change in My Life!
21和藹可親的知客師--憶比丘尼琤赫vThe Congenial Guest Prefect? In Memory of Bhikshuni Heng Ben Shi
22聞名見身滅諸苦--介紹彭嫆媛居士The Sight of Guanyin and the Sound of Her Name Dispels All Pain-
23新加坡佛經流通中心之成立與活動The Establishment of Buddhist Books Distribution Centre (BBDC) in Singapore and its Activities
24法總新血輪 如來座下孫Celebrating the Lunar New Year: One Night Connects Two Years; the Dawn Divides Them
25賀農曆新年﹕一夜連雙歲 五更分二年New Blood for Dharma Realm and for Buddhism
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