The Six Word Great Bright Mantra

The Six Word
Great Bright Mantra

The Buddha Speaks the Great Vehicle
Adornment Jewel King Sutra

Chapter 3:

ˇ§ The Six Word Great Bright Dharani is the wonderful inherent mind of Bodhisattva Contemplate-at-ease. If there is anyone who knows this wonderful inherent mind, he thus knows liberation.ˇ¨

ˇ§If there is anyone who is able to constantly receive and uphold this Six Word Great Bright Mantra, at the time of recitation, countless Tathagathas numberless as the grains of sands in the Ganges, and Bodhisattvas as numerous as dustmotes will gather together and bestow protection upon such an individual.ˇ¨

ˇ§Ancestors of seven generations will attain liberationˇKall organisms inside oneˇ¦s body will attain to the position of non-retreating Bodhisattvas.ˇ¨

ˇ§If a person can be mindful of the Six Word Great Bright Mantra in accordance with the Dharma, such an individual will obtain inexhaustible eloquence, accumulation of clean and pure wisdom, great kindness and compassion; daily perfection of the merit and virtue of the Six Paramitas and the anointing of his crown by the Great Wheel Turning King. Whoever comes in contact with the breath of such an individual will give rise to kindness and stay away from the various poisons of hatred, will attain the position of a non-retreating Bodhisattva and quickly attain annutara-samyaksambodhi. Whoever is touched by the hand of such an individual will quickly attain to the position of a Bodhisattva.ˇ¨

ˇ§Such an individual who upholds this Six Word Great Mantra will never undergo the suffering of birth, old age, sickness and death, as well as the pain of being separated from loved ones. Instead, such an individual will receive inconceivable responses from his recitation.ˇ¨

Chapter 4:

Atop the Lotus Flower Thus Come One said, ˇ§I can count the number of dust motes, but I can not reckon the merit and virtue that results from one single recitation of the Six Word Great Bright Mantra.ˇ¨

ˇ§If a person writes the Six Word Great Bright Mantra out by hand, it is equivalent to writing eighty-four thousand dharma treasuries, without any difference.ˇ¨

Lecture by Venerable Master Hsuan Hua:

OM. When you recite this first syllable, all ghost spirits will certainly put their palms together. Why do they put their palms together? They have to follow the rules and regulations. Following rules and regulations, they are on the right path. When this first syllable is recited, no ghost spirits dare rebel or cause trouble. They dare not obey.

MA NI. In Sanskrit, this means quiescent wisdom. A person who uses wisdom will understand all principles. This way he can quietly extinguish, and have no birth. Another meaning of this is leaving defilement, leaving the filth of dust. It is like the As-you-wish-jeweled-pearl, so clean and pure and devoid of filth. As long as you have the As-you-wish-jeweled-pearl, you will be able to obtain what you wish for, every single vow you make will be realized. This is the advantage it has.

PAD MI. Translated from Sanskrit, this means brightness universally shining. Simultaneously, it also means the opening of the lotus. This is an analogy of the perfection of the lotus ˇV without impediments. This is the wonderful mind of Bodhisattva Contemplate-at-ease.

HUNG. In Sanskrit, this means bringing forth. Everything comes to existence from hung. It also carries the meaning of protecting and upholding. When you recite this syllable, all good dharma-protecting spirits will come to support and protect you. Another indication of this syllable is that difficulties of any sort will be eradicated. It also implies accomplishment, meaning you will attain success in whatever dharma door you choose to cultivate.

When you recite this Six Word Great Bright Mantra, innumerable Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and Vajra Protectors will always protect you and support you. When Bodhisattva Contemplate-at-ease finished reciting this Six Word Great Bright Mantra, seven million Buddhas came to surround him and protect him. The power of the Six Word Great Bright Mantra is inconceivable. Its efficacy is unfathomable. This is why it is called the esoteric sect. If anybody can fully and thoroughly explain it, the meaning it encompasses is immeasurable. There is no way to completely speak out its entirety. I hereby only give a general explanation of each syllable.

Now, I will tell you a little bit about the unspeakable power of the esoteric sect. Why is it unspeakable? It is because what I have said constitutes not even one fraction of tens of thousands of its entirety. Why is this so? If you can recite and uphold this Six Word Great Bright Mantra non-stop, brightness will take the place of darkness in the entire Six Paths. To attain a kind of samadhi, you should first be single-minded. This way, not only will the Six Paths shine forth brightness, but the entire Ten Dharma Realms will become a treasury of brightness. Now that you all know the power of this Six Word Great Bright Mantra, I hope you can set aside whatever activities you are doing and come recite this
Six Word Great Bright Mantra